Medical Malpractice Lawyers Phoenix AZ

Newsweek recently published a sad story about the death of Jeannette Shields, a wife, mother, and grandmother. She was at the Cumberland Infirmary in North West England. She was only 70 years old when her health care providers dropped her off the operating table following surgery to fix a broken hip.

This is a sad example of a serious and preventable medical error. The kind of “never event” that plagues hospitals and surgery centers across the United States of America. By some estimates, medical errors may account for more than 2 million extra hospital days, $9 billion in excess charges, and more than 22,000 unnecessary hospital deaths. These numbers do not factor in the toll of medical errors in doctors’ offices, surgery centers, nursing centers, or other types of health care facilities.

Instead of calling them “errors”, which makes it sound like unavoidable harmless mistakes, we should call them what they are—“medical malpractice,” “medical negligence,” or “health care negligence.” They are violations of the public trust. Along with other unintentional injuries, they make up the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Instead of helping these injury victims, the state and federal governments and courts enact obstructions. You can no longer rely on the lawyer down the street to help you with a claim against negligent health care providers; you need to hire experienced attorneys like Gage Mathers. With catastrophic injuries and death, you need attorneys who are familiar with overcoming the hurdles to successful medical malpractice claims.

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