Martin provided outstanding service after I was struck on my bike by a texting driver who ran a red light. They maintained great communication throughout the litigation process as well as communication with the hospital, ambulance services, police and treating physicians. I highly recommend his office and staff.

Joe is someone who is not afraid to go toe to toe with the big boys. Not only did he fight for me, but at the same time, he made sure I understood exactly what was happening with my case.

Joe D’Aguanno helped my wife and me get through a very difficult medical malpractice case. His analysis of my case was superb and his help in preparing us for deposition was extremely helpful.

Jerry Hulsizer Review

I engaged Gage & Mathers based upon a review and I am happy to write a new five star review for this firm. Martin took my case after visiting with other firms who acted like the case was not big enough.  Joe was terrific and bottom line he and the firm helped me win what was due. Thank you

Martin Mathers and his entire team expertly guided me through a difficult personal injury case. They were professional and responsive throughout the long process, and they continually fought for a positive outcome.

I am deeply grateful for their efforts and the successful settlement of my case. I highly recommend this outstanding team.

Great trial lawyers. Very sensitive to client needs. Joe D’Aguanno helped my wife and me get through a very difficult medical malpractice case. His analysis of my case was superb and his help in preparing us for deposition was extremely helpful. His experience preparing cases and presenting them to juries clearly makes him an excellent choice for any case involving any kind of personal injury including medical malpractice.

When I wanted to take on a medical device company I didn’t know where to turn. Then I found Joe D’Aguanno, Gage Mathers’ managing attorney and an experienced trial attorney.

Joe is someone who is not afraid to go toe to toe with the big boys. Not only did he fight for me, but at the same time, he made sure I understood exactly what was happening with my case.

I couldn’t have asked for a better champion!

Martin Mathers was very kind and helpful in explaining my case. His professional wisdom and experience were reassuring and helped me obtain a great result.!! Gage Mathers is a winner..!!

Gage Mathers did an incredible job with my case. I appreciated their genuine care for my well being. They were very professional and personable!

Joe D’Aguanno has great legal skills and is very thorough. He helped us with a very complicated legal case involving complex medical issues and was a great help.

Joe D’Aguanno is incredibly responsive and has great knowledge in the medical malpractice field. I trust him, his recommendations and his ethics.

One year ago I had reason to believe that a previous medical procedure had caused a significant new health risk. I knew I needed legal advice on what my rights were and what options might exist for me to pursue a resolution.

I reached out to Joe and he was immediately responsive. Not only did he provide me assistance in a timely way, he personally dropped off materials for me to review at my home. At that time, I really needed help and he was there for me.

Amazing Law Firm, they will do everything in their power to get you the best result and they surely have done so for myself! Thank you to the team at Gage and Mathers, your help is greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend this Law Firm!

I was very satisfied with the service I received at Gage Mathers. My attorney… did an amazing job with negotiating with the insurance company, and getting me as much money in pocket as possible. My paralegal… was quick to respond when I had questions and always kept me in the loop with my case.

I was also able to meet with the other attorneys at the firm, including Martin Mathers and Joseph D’Aguanno, and they were all very knowledgeable, kind, and supportive during this difficult time. I would highly recommend Gage Mathers to all family and friends. Thank you all for all of your help!

I am not one to write reviews unless they are usually bad ones. Not in this case, I can’t say enough great things about Martin and the firm. This truly was the best experience I’ve had with an attorney and I’ve had the T.V commercial lawyers, family lawyers, and everything in between. They were upfront and honest with every aspect of my family’s case. I never felt led on or B’s through the process.

Every time I spoke with them, they were straight forward and always did exactly what he said he would do. My family and I are truly grateful in their handling our case they made sure to what was best on our behalf. I would recommend them to family and friends.

If I’m ever in this situation again Gage and Mathers will be my first and only phone call…

An amazing firm to work with! Very professional and on it 24/7 with always keeping you up to date…

Great Service! Case done in 10 months. Would highly recommend.

Overall, I’m very happy with my experience. I was impressed when I was able to speak with my attorney, Joe D’Aguanno and have all of my questions addressed prior to signing. Regina was very easy to to work with. She provided frequent updates. When I had concerns about miscommunication with her, Joe clarified right away. He did a great job negotiating with two insurance companies and their attorneys. I believe my settlement was fair.

Nothing but great work from the folks here. I had a traumatic brain injury from an accident. [Gage Mathers] went to bat for me and the results were immediate. They got me a significant recovery and dealt with a difficult insurance company to get me an amazing result. The whole team at Gage Mathers have made us a part of the family.

I am happy to be working in conjunction with the Gage Mather team. They are extremely knowledgeable and service each and every client with the upmost respect and integrity. I really enjoy talking with the whole staff and recommend them highly.

My attorney was Joseph D’Aguanno and paralegal was Regina. They were very helpful and did an excellent job for helping me with my casecase. I would highly recommend their services.

Law Firm Testimonial

Working with Gage and Mathers has been a terrific experience. Martin and Joesph are wonderful attorneys, extremely knowledgeable, and gentlemen to boot.

Great people good service

Great caring people

Excellent Lawyer
I hired Martin after I was in an auto accident. He was recommended to me by another lawyer as the most knowledgeable and best for accident cases. I was impressed because he was very knowledgeable and also took the time to listen to me and investigate the facts of my case. He also gave my very honest legal counsel which helped in my decision to pursue a lawsuit.

Joseph D’Aguanno and his paralegals Regina Garcia and Elizabeth Sanchez were very professional and very informative on my case. I was always able to speak with someone and I was updated throughout the process. I am super happy with the outcome and I would definitely recommend Gage Mathers to family and friends. Thank you!

Amazing Law Firm! I normally don’ t write reviews, however felt very compelled to share my recent experience while working with the Law Firm Mathers & Gage. As a young person, not having experience in any legal affairs of the law and defending myself in a suit this was a new and unsettling experience for me. Martin Mathers and his team did an amazing job of reassuring me along the way, the whole team was very professional, and explained all steps and processes thoroughly, and were not bothered by the many questions both my family and myself had, answering each and every one. The experience was made much better by the team, their communication was great, and the handholding throughout excellent! What I was most impressed with was the unwavering support I was giving in settling the case effectively to a winning conclusion by Martin and his Team of attorneys. I would highly recommend this team to anyone who wants justice in their case. This is one of the best firms in AZ, highly recommend!

Wonderful law office. I am so thankful for Mr Mathers and his staff. I had tried 2 other lawyers. The first refused to take me as a client, the second did take my case but did nothing and expected me to talk to the opposing lawyer. Gage and Mathers lawyers and staff were professional and kind. They walked me through every step of my case. They were able to get a reasonable settlement without going to court. The settlement was what I thought was fair and I was quite pleased. I was impressed with how hard everyone worked toward resolving my claim. I cannot say enough about this law firm. I highly recommend Gage and Mathers Law firm.

Outstanding Professional Representation. Thank you all for the incredible work you have done on behalf of our daughter when she was severely injured in an automobile accident. You have all been extremely professional and thoughtful leading our family through this. You have without exception under promised and over delivered. The results are extremely impressive on both sides (gross settlement and lien reductions). Our daughter is very fortunate to have such outstanding professional representation.

Excellent Lawyer. I am so thankful for Mr D’Aguanno and his staff. He and his paralegals were always professional and kind. They walked me through every step of my case. They were able to get a reasonable settlement without going to court. The settlement was what I thought was fair and I was quite pleased. I was impressed with how hard everyone worked toward resolving my claim. I cannot say enough about this law firm.

Extremely satisfied client!!!. I highly recommend Mr Mathers and his firm, they were very helpful throughout negotiations with an insurance company over a personal injury claim. I clearly would not have gotten any where close to the amount that we eventually settled on without his help! The firm was very responsive and Mr. Mathers took the time to explain the various risk/benefits to litigation!

Two years ago, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury when I was hit by a car. I tried dealing with the insurance company by myself and that was a huge mistake. I contacted Martin Mathers and told him what had happened to me, and more importantly, my failed attempts at dealing with the insurance adjuster. He said the adjuster was doing what they’re paid to do and not to worry. He knew that my injury was serious and probably permanent and that I would require some very specialized treatment if I had any hope of recovering fully. Martin set me up with the best care available and made sure I was well taken care of. Martin arraigned for me to connect with a patient advocate who facilitated my appointments with specialists. I received more care after I hired Martin than I had in the last year. I have no doubt that I would never have gotten the care I needed without his guidance and referrals. I can’t say enough good things about Martin and his support staff. I met with Martin and his crew many times and was treated like a member of their family. Not once did I ever feel like a client. Every one of them went out of their way to assure me that they cared about my health and well being. All the praise I have for Martin and his employees would be for nothing if he didn’t produce. Several times during the negotiations I wanted to give up and settle just to get it over with. Martin remained calm throughout the entire ordeal, calming me down several times when I was in panic mode. He not only settled my claim quickly, but he also got me more money than I could have ever imagined.

Excellent Legal Services. Joseph D’ Aguanno provided excellent legal services. He answered all my questions and concerns. Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting to hear from him. He made this first time experience pleasant and I loved his sense of humor. His paralegals were very responsive and professional. Regina Garcia did a good job helping me with my case. She was very pleasant to work with and not to mention patient. She was very responsive to my 20 million emails, thank you. If you are looking for an amazing firm and pleasant experience give Gage Mathers a call.

Relevant! Consistent! Martin Mathers of Gage & Mathers, a trial lawyer in Phoenix, helped us last month get a 4 million dollar verdict. It was a complicated case which involved a rehab facility and physician. He has a vast knowledge of litigation law and can help you like he helped us.

Mr. Mathers helped my daughter recover enough money to pay for plastic surgery and help her get her life back on track after a very bad dog bite. He worked extremely hard to locate the people responsible for this vicious dog. I appreciate the long hours and continuous fight to find the means to pay for what had happened to my daughter.

Martin Mathers helped my get all that I could with me liveing in Colorado. My brother and his wife who live in Phoenix were hit crossing the road. He work really well with me from a long distance. He was able to get me the max amount available.

I was a long haul trucker and really enjoyed my job until i was hurt badly by a car that ran into the back of my rig. While passing through Arizona, my trailer was hit at a high speed from behind by a car. The car driver said he fell asleep and accelerated into my car. He nearly killed himself and badly hurt me and my trainee.
My Arizona lawyer, Martin Mathers, at Gage & Mathers took my case after the drivers insurance company started playing games. Martin and his team represented me and did a great job. They fought hard for me to make the insurance company do the right thing and pay me fairly for all the damages the driver did. They are good folks and I recommend them highly. Martin Mathers is the best!

Great Attorney
I was pleased with my attorney and the job that was done on my behalf. I would recommend him to all.

Best experience! After hearing skeptical prognosis about my personal injury case from other lawyers, I found Mr. Mathers on Avvo website and decided to take my chance. He expressed genuine sympathy about my case and fully understood my needs.
Mr. Mathers is not only exceptionally knowledgeable about the law but also a very ethical with high integrity professional! He was always prompt returning my phone calls and keeping me updated about my case. Everyone I met at his firm was very polite and respectful.
I am very happy with the settlement he achieved. I will recommend his service to everyone. If in need, please contact his law firm. You will not regret it!

Mr Mathers was kind enough to respond to my email asking advice on a situation involving my son. He took the time to detail various scenarios in his response and was honest about our chance of a successful outcome. Not often you come across an attorney that takes the time to warn of no viable claim, saving you time and money, at no profit to him. He has my deep appreciation.

Best Attorney Experience
Martin and his team were awesome to work with. Everyone was very responsive and on top of my case. Martin took over my case after my first attorney dropped the ball. Had a great experience and I will definitely use him for any future problems.

Excellent service
Martin and his team went above and beyond getting our accident claim settled. He took over an arduous case from our previous lawyer who had been preparing to retire and followed it through to the end keeping us informed along the way. In the end, he also (due to the uniqueness of the case) was very generous calculating his fees in order to provide us a greater compensation. Will recommend to friends and family.

Very Kind
My attorney always made sure I was up to date with the information I needed. He was very kind and got me more money than I thought I would get.

Excellent service, experienced and caring professionals. We are very pleased to give Martin and his team the highest rating! His quiet professional demeanor and his ability to navigate a complicated medical and insurance landscape, and then to negotiate on our behalf, was extraordinary. He was caring and responsive, we are much better off having him in our corner and will use him for all our legal questions and issues.

I was in a car accident that required a lawyer to ensure the other driver’s insurance company was held responsible for the accident. Martin was able to assist and now that my case is settled, I can say he provided excellent representation. The process was quick. He was transparent, communicative and knowledgeable. Martin was even able to increase the original size of the settlement offered by the insurance company with having to pursue more invasive measures, such as filing a lawsuit.

A responsive and experienced attorney!
I highly recommend Martin Mathers for anyone who is seriously injured and needs an excellent, experienced and responsive attorney. I contacted Martin in a situation where there was a very short legal timeframe, and he responded to me right away and provided me with a free, meaningful consultation. I highly recommend that you call him!

My son and I are clients of Martin Mather. He took our car accident case in a timely, professional, and welcoming atmosphere. The case was settled quickly with caring and concern for what was best for the both of us. I couldn’t have had a better outcome or experience without Martin Mathers and his team. He is above all in our books

Always available
Joseph D’Aguanno was personable. All questions were answered in a timely manner, the staff was always available. We ended up receiving better service than expected, with higher than expected outcomes.

Highly experienced great people
After being tossed around by other less experienced lawyers I finally made the right choice and Martin and his staff handled everything so I didn’t have to, I was truly happy with my settlement and highly recommend Martin to everyone looking for a experienced lawyer and friendly staff.

Wrongful Death
Martin Mathers handled the wrongful death case for our family member. The insurance Company refused to pay the claim for the death cause in a auto/motorcycle accident of the driver of the vehicle that killed our loved one. Martin knows the law was able to get the Insurance Company to honor and pay the claim. Thank you Martin for fighting and winning for us.

Excellent consultation!
We had our initial consultation with Martin Mathers this week, and we were very impressed. As expected, he was knowledgeable in the law, and his advice was incredibly valuable in assisting us with our legal matter. But perhaps even more importantly, he was patient and empathetic, providing wise and kindhearted advice on healing the emotional wounds from a difficult situation. We highly recommend Martin Mathers and would use him for any legal situation that might arise in the future.

Great Team
Martin and Susanne were great to work with. Susanne is quick to reply to emails and always kept me updated on claim. I would recommend Martin to anyone.

Great Job
Joseph D’Aguanno did a great job. The end results were great, even when I thought I didn’t have a case. Thank you for your hard work.

Extremely happy with how I was treated.
Martin Mathers did a great job. Follow up was never an issue and felt like I was very well taken care of with him and his paralegal Susanne. I hope I don’t get hurt again in the future but if I do I know who to go to! Friends and family will definitely hear about him and be referred if they need representation.

Outstanding Service. Over the years , the office of Mr Mathers has taken a few of my personal injury cases and all of them have ended up with positive results. This last case was one that I didn’t expect any possibility of a settlement, however Mr. Mather’s,knowledge and expertise was able to help and assist my daughter in her hit and run case. Once again thank you for the help and I will continue to recommend Mr. Mather’s to all.

Best decision ever. After seeing the continuous stream of accident attorney advertisements on TV, billboards and hearing them on the radio, I decided to look online and found AVVO. After looking at what attorneys were available, I just chose Martin Mathers because he had the highest rating. This was the Best Decision that I could have ever made. He treated me with such courtesy, dignity and was genuinely concerned for my well-being. Due to my limitations in transportation, he even picked me up. His assistant, Susanne was also the best as she kept me up to date on the process and issues concerning my case. I never felt left out of the loop and I truly believe that they helped me not just for their fee but because they cared for me as a human being. Being in pain and not knowing who to trust nowadays, I have to give great praise to Martin Mathers and his assistant Susanne as they gave me the comfort of not worrying about this case and moving on with my life.

Experienced, respected and very professional!
Martin Mathers is a highly respected, very experienced attorney who you can confidently hire to represent you in order to get a positive outcome. His professionalism and honesty is a standout from the others in his field of law. I would absolutely hire him again in the future and would not hesitate for a second to refer him to anyone in need of a seasoned attorney.

I was involved in a rear-end accident. A friend of mine told me about the positive experience that he had had with Martin Mathers in his settlement case. I have never hired a lawyer before this accident, and can say I was beyond pleased with the results of my settlement. Both Mr. Mathers as well as Susanne from his office are incredibly responsive, honest, straightforward, and helpful. I appreciated how smooth the process was, and how simple Mr. Mathers made it. He was the perfect combination of professional and approachable, and very realistic in terms of what he felt he could achieve with my case. That being said, the amount was significantly higher than I had expected, and he even went above and beyond by negotiating down the amounts of two hospital liens that had been placed against my settlement. Do not shop around, do not waste your time, hire Mr. Mathers and you will be well taken care of.

Very Kind
Joseph D’Aguanno was very kind and helpful in explaining my case. He reassured me everything would be okay throughout the progress of my case. I was very satisfied with my paralegal Regina and my attorney’s help with everything. I will definitely come back if I ever need an attorney.

Prompt and Honest
It was a pleasure working with Martin. He promptly helped me with my case and was specific in regards to my options. I would definitely work with Martin again, highly recommended.

ICC Review
I highly recommend Martin Mathers. Mr. Mathers was very responsive & continually kept me informed about my case. His experience, extensive knowledge, positive attitude, attention to detail & his overall caring nature gave me a comfort level throughout the duration of the case. I trust Mr. Mathers & if I need further representation, he will be the first person I call.

Professional, conscientiousness, thorough, to the point. Mr. Mathers holds himself to the highest level of integrity. He doesn’t waste time and he doesn’t needlessly spend your money. He was able to assess the quickly determine what my issues were. Mr. Mathers is upfront about the key points of an attorney-client relationship. His level-headed approach as to what the outcome could be, helps establish a realistic expectation. He always kept his composure and his attention to detail was astounding. If you are looking for the best, skip the rest and call Mr. Mathers.

Knows his stuff
I met with Martin for the first time this week, and instantly felt confident. His demeanor is diligent but relaxed; the guy simply knows his stuff and gets things done. I would highly recommend anyone needing an injury lawyer for anything, make an appointment; you will not regret it.

Great Attorney
Joe handles the case with utmost professionalism. His administrative staff is also very efficient and is available to answer questions regarding your case, is Joe is unavailable. My Case was settled within a decent time frame. Joe and his team fought hard to make sure I was compensated to the fullest extent for my injuries. Joe D’Aguanno is highly recommended.

Always on top of things
Martin and his staff were always on top of everything and left nothing overlooked. They are very professional both in and outside of the office. I hope, I don’t need this type of service again but if I do, this is who I call and would certainly recommend them to everyone.

#1 Highly Recommend. Martin Mathers is the Attorney everybody needs! Martin made my case a walk in the park, and his paralegal Susanne is super helpful. The services I received were top notch and on top of that Martin won my case! You got a case and you wanna win??? Call Martin simple as that.

Outstanding Service
Mr. Mathers has kept us involved and provided excellent counsel. His knowledge of the issues and legal system gave us great comfort and satisfaction that our case was being managed properly. It is extremely comforting to know that Mr. Mathers is in our corner.

Martin Mathers has provided me with exceptional legal services for 15 years.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Martin Mathers 15 years ago. In that time he has went over and beyond to provide me with exceptional legal service on several occasions. In addition to helping me he also has successfully assisted both my family and friends that I have referred to him. Without a doubt Martin Mathers is and always will be my choice for representation.

Excellent attorney
Joe is an excellent attorney. He is knowledgeable and well experienced, yet also willing to learn new legal issues. Joe is a productive problem solver and can effectively communicate with just about anyone. He is a perfect balance of being professional and personable.

As a young woman in a brand new big city, losing my car and being injured was by far the scariest thing to ever happen to me. A patient is of mine is a client with Mr. Mathers and gave me the recommendation. His staff is courteous and they always kept me informed. They were honest and trustworthy. His receptionist had general concern for my well being and they did everything they could. Insurances can be awful and this was a simple but unfortunate case. Easy transactions. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!

I wouldnt go to anyone else! Martin Mathers and his paralegal Suzanne Koch far exceeded my expectations. I was constantly updated and I don’t know what he did, but his negotiation skills are superb. I honestly think based upon the other parties settlement offers/counters that Martin is one of the only attorney’s who could have negotiated my settlement to it’s final number. I am grateful for all of their help and will not hesitate to return if needed, or send my friends and family.

Strongly Recommended!
I have had the privilege of consulting with Mr. Mathers on two potential cases. He has always provided honest and complete feedback and thoughtful consideration to my ideas. He is highly responsive to all interactions. I would STRONGLY recommend him to others!

After working with another firm who was not qualified for my case Martin Mathers came through for me. It makes a huge difference when you have someone with experience and who knows how to navigate through the legal hurdles to win your case!

After struggling to find a law firm to represent me in a product liability case, Gage Mathers came through, fighting for me during a very long and arduous process. Joe the managing attorney, along with paralegals Tracy and Erin followed up throughout the process with medical and documentation to get me a very satisfying result. For a small firm they fight for their clients and I would highly recommend them.