Fire and Explosion Lawyers

Among the most devastating and painful injuries we see at Gage Mathers are burn injuries, which result in life-changing disabilities and often death.  When dealing with injuries from a fire or explosion, lawyers need to understand the cause of injury as well as their client’s lifetime care needs. Burn injuries can be caused by a variety of negligent actions, or inaction.  And can arise in a variety of ways:
  • Fuel Fed Fires: Often minor crashes turn devastating because spilled fuel catches fire after impact, which is often the result of a faulty design.
  • Thermal Burn Injuries: Thermal burn injuries can happen in many circumstances where there is exposure to flames, hot liquids, steam, or hot metals.
  • Propane/Natural Gas Explosions: With natural gas and propane, a small spark, and even static electricity, can cause a huge explosion.
  • Auto Crashes: Often after a crash, the vehicles will start to catch fire, or the deployed air bags may cause burn injuries.
  • Plane Crashes: Like with cars, small planes often catch fire after a crash.
  • ATV Wrecks: Like road vehicles, these off-road vehicles also have to be designed to avoid “spilling” gas at impact and often are not.
Electrical burn injuries are caused by the heat generated when your body tries to resist the electric current as it courses through the body.  The current flows, and the heat increases as the current tries to exit the body. Electricity flowing through the body has devastating effects, both internal and external, including heart disturbances, burns, scars, and more.  Electrical injuries caused by someone else’s negligence can result from a variety of circumstances, including:
  • Arc or Flash Burns: High temperatures caused by an arc or explosion anywhere near the body can cause serious injuries, even if the victim has no direct contact with the source.
  • Thermal Contact Burns: When the skin or clothing comes in contact with overheated power sources it can cause life-changing injuries, often when the electricity exits the body.
  • Internal Injuries: These are often the worst type of injuries because they cause the greatest damage and are often the hardest to detect.  Injuries can include organ damage, internal bleeding, tissue damage, and nerve and muscle damage, often resulting in death.
Burn injury cases often are the most difficult type cases and require the immediate attention of an experienced trial lawyer.  We have decades of experience litigating cases involving burns, electrical injuries, and death.  Call the fire and explosion lawyers at Gage Mathers to protect your legal rights.

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