Personal Injury Attorney

Update On The Firm

There have been many changes to Joe’s legal practice. After joining Gage Mathers, he expanded the scope of his practice so the focus was no longer limited to medical malpractice. This has allowed Gage Mathers to help victims of various forms of negligence obtain justice and fair compensation for their injuries.

Our medical malpractice work will still focus on catastrophic injuries and holding negligent health care providers accountable for the devastation they cause. However, we have found success in helping medical malpractice victims whose cases were not considered big enough by other lawyers or were thought to be too complex. Some of that success comes from presenting compelling client stories and, we believe, awakening the humanity within risk managers, insurance adjusters, and defense lawyers. Believe it or not, but many of them want to do the right thing and feel good when they are able to help people. We are happy to help them feel good about themselves if they are helping our clients.

Not every case presents a compelling story, and most will not be successful. But that does not mean malpractice victims should not try. That does not mean malpractice victims should just give in to the new, miserable norm caused by their injuries. It means malpractice victims should reach out to experienced malpractice lawyers to see if their story is compelling enough to awaken a sense of humanity and obtain a little justice.