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Speeding behind a quarter of fatal accidents in 2018

Perhaps you suffered much at the hands of a speeding driver. You’re not alone as many accidents in and around Phoenix, Arizona, are due to drivers either breaking the speed limit or traveling too fast in bad weather and on slippery roads. Many of these accidents lead to fatalities.

In 2018, for example, speeding was a factor in 26% of all U.S. traffic fatalities with a total of 9,378 people dying in speeding-related crashes. This was down from 2010, when such crashes claimed the lives of 10,508 people and composed 32% of all traffic deaths, but it’s nonetheless a strikingly high number.

Speeding risk increases with age

Speeding is more common among men and among younger drivers. Of all the male drivers aged 15 to 20 who were in a fatal crash in 2018, 30% were found to have been speeding. Of the female drivers in that same age group, 18% were speeding. On the other hand, the percentage for male and female drivers between 65 and 74 was 10% and 6%, respectively.

Alcohol and road conditions

One thing that excessive speed goes together with is alcohol abuse. Of those drivers aged 25 to 44 who were involved in fatal speeding-related crashes, 42% were alcohol-impaired. The second largest group was composed of drivers aged 55 to 64 (32%). As for those under 21, they composed 21% of drivers in these crashes.

Accidents on dry roads seldom involved speeding in 2018 (16% in all). This was far from true, though, for accidents on roads with dirt, gravel or mud (45%) or crashes on icy or frosty roads (41%). As for crashes on roads with moving or standing water, 37% had a link to speeding.

Pursuing a catastrophic injury case

Like many victims of speeding-related auto accidents, you may have suffered catastrophic injuries that have diminished your ability to earn a living and support yourself and your family. This is a stressful time for you, but with a lawyer, you may find it easier to file a claim against the responsible driver’s insurance company and seek compensatory damages.