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Red-light running deaths up by 28% since 2012

Drivers in Arizona and around the country are running red lights in greater numbers, according to a recent study, and innocent road users are dying as a result. When researchers from the American Automobile Association studied 2017 traffic accident fatality figures, they discovered that 939 people died in crashes caused by motorists who ignored or failed to notice a red light. Two out of three of those killed in these accidents were either pedestrians or the occupants of vehicles struck by red-light runners.

According to AAA, red-light running fatalities have risen by 28% since 2012 and have now reached their highest level in 10 years. When American drivers were polled recently about red-light running, the vast majority of them said that they knew ignoring red lights is both illegal and extremely dangerous. However, about a third of the drivers surveyed admitted to running a red light during the previous 30 days.

Other studies suggest that the best way to prevent red-light running is by installing cameras at intersections. Cameras have been credited with reducing red-light violations and accidents by as much as 40%. Excessive speed is the most common cause of fatal car accidents in the United States and is the reason why intersection accidents are so deadly. Intersection cameras encourage drivers to slow down rather than speed up when they believe that a traffic signal is about to change.

Determining who had the right of way can be crucial in lawsuits filed by road users injured in accidents that took place in intersections. When traffic signals are not equipped with cameras, experienced personal injury attorneys could check to see if surrounding businesses or residences have security systems that may have recorded the events. If the vehicles involved were equipped with autonomous safety systems, attorneys could take steps to find out if they also have cameras.