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Legislation Pushing For Cap On Medical Malpractice Claims

Federal lawmakers are quietly trying to push through legislation that will create a $250,000 federal cap on the amount a jury can award in a medical malpractice case. And more than 30 states having caps on damages.

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Birth Injury Verdict Further Screws Child

A jury awarded $13 million to the parents of a baby who was left with limited use of her arm following birth trauma. This verdict is that it will be significantly reduced since Michigan places a cap on damages.

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Bill to Eliminate Patient Safety Passes House – Time to Notify Senate to Vote NO on HR 1215

If the Bill passed by the House is approved in the Senate, your patient safety rights and ability to sue for medical negligence may be severely limited or eliminated.

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Update On The Firm

After joining Gage Mathers, Joseph D’Aguanno expanded the scope of his practice to focus on helping victims of various forms of negligence obtain justice and fair compensation for their injuries.

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Arizona Legislature And Insurance Companies

If someone in Arizona is the victim of an automobile crash, they will later be victimized by the health care providers that treated them. It does not matter if you have health insurance.

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5 Tools Medical Malpractice Lawyers Use

Being a lawyer is tough. Being a medical malpractice lawyer can be daunting. You need to know the rules of civil procedure and the laws that govern torts, liens, insurance, evidence, privilege, and even bankruptcy.

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Drowsy driving a leading cause of car accidents

Perhaps you were commuting in Southwest Arizona and got into an accident due to a negligent driver. You may have suffered a brain injury or another catastrophic injury…

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More lawsuits filed over Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

Two more wrongful death lawsuits have been filed over the January helicopter crash that killed retired Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven other people.

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AAA: red-light running crash deaths have hit 10-year high

Red-light running crashes accounted for 939 of the more than 40,000 traffic deaths in 2017. According to a AAA report, this is the highest that the number has been in 10 years. Why is this number so high?

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Brain injuries after car crashes

A team of researchers has detailed a new method for using impact velocity and collision angle to calculate the probability of a Traumatic Brain Injury.

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One of the biggest keys to you insurance payout is patience

The injuries you suffered in the accident were severe, and the medical costs are almost as bad. You’re waiting on the insurance company to pick up the slack, but you may be waiting for quite a while…

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Study: Older drivers safer than middle-aged drivers

While conventional wisdom holds that older people are some of the worst drivers, a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study stands conventional wisdom on its head.

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2019 car crash fatality numbers see only slight decline

Arizona drivers may be interested to know that the number of car crash fatalities in the U.S. has been declining but not by much. Many motor vehicle accidents are the fault of one of the parties.

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Traffic deaths in 2019 see 2% decline, says NSC report

The National Safety Council has some preliminary estimates out on traffic fatalities in 2019. Both the number of fatalities and hospital patients represent a 2% decrease compared to 2018.