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More coffee each day may mean more crashes for truckers

The more coffee truck drivers drink each day, the more likely they are to be in a crash. At least, this is the conclusion that one study has tentatively reached. Truckers in Arizona may need coffee for the short term, and while this is acceptable, they should be careful about consuming more. Below are the study’s findings.

A U.K. transport safety researcher, together with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, looked at 11,000 truckers from eight states and narrowed the study group to 3,007 drivers because these fit into one of two categories under analysis: those who drink only one cup of coffee a day, and those who consume over five cups. The truckers filled out a questionnaire and had their medical reports examined. Their responses were not shared with their employers.

One of the questions was whether the truckers were in a crash in the previous three years. While 21.6% of the low coffee drinkers said yes, the percentage among the second group was 27.8%. Additionally, the high coffee drinkers reported having poor health, poor diet, and trouble getting good sleep.

Correlation does not mean causation, but further research may clearly show the cause-effect relationship. The study’s authors admit that certain variables must be factored in like the difference in coffee consumption habits between workdays and other days.

Drinking coffee is not negligent, of course, but the possible effects, such as drowsy driving, can be. When drowsy or inattentive truckers are to blame for truck accidents, then their employer may be facing a claim from the victims. Before moving forward with a claim, victims may want a lawyer to assess their grounds for one and see how much they might be eligible for.