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How truckers can avert fatigue on the road

Truck drivers in Arizona have to deal with long, stressful shifts and a lifestyle punctuated by lack of sleep and exercise. However, they should not be resigned to this because it all leads to drowsiness on the road, which puts everyone in danger.

Regular sleep and a healthy diet

Truckers need to get in six to eight hours of sleep a day, even if this means taking a nap on occasion. A NASA study of military pilots and astronauts found that 40-minute naps improve performance by 34% and attention by 100%, so truckers will no doubt experience similar effects.

A good diet also helps prevent drowsiness since it provides nutrients while the body uses up its energy in digestion. Instead of eating fast food, truckers could consider a chicken or tuna sandwich, says the National Institutes of Health, and go for English muffins or bagels rather than donuts.

Rethinking what you drink

Truckers should drink more water and limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine, both of which lead to drowsiness: one in the short run and the other in the long run. Water consumption can prevent muscle cramps and headaches, too. Lastly, truckers may want to ponder how the truck cab, with its constant shaking and rattling, is affecting their health and, with it, their level of alertness. They may consider a seat suspension system.

How you can be reimbursed for your injuries

Drowsy truckers are behind many truck accidents. If you happened to be involved in one, you may be able to receive compensatory damages for your medical bills, car repair or replacement costs, lost wages, and other losses. A lot depends on your own degree of negligence. Consider having a lawyer look at your case, and you may learn how much you could recover. You may leave negotiations to the lawyer.