Bus Accident Lawyers

Whether a school bus, city bus, or the Phoenix light-rail, these modes of transportation can be dangerous for both the passengers, and those in vehicles around them.  Because these “buses” are usually run by government entities, special rules apply.  These special rules are not for your benefit.  The special rules are to protect the organizations that own these forms of transportation from liability, even if they are negligent. On top of this, many lawyers are unaware of these special rules; that’s why you need the experience of Gage Mathers.

These special rules generally involve special notice requirements and shortened time deadlines, including a one year statute of limitations.  If you, or someone you care about, has life-changing injuries as result of being injured by a “bus,” whether as a passenger or bystander, call the bus accident lawyers at Gage Mathers immediately, before you lose valuable legal rights.

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