Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain injuries are the second leading cause of disability in the United States. Over 3 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries, more than 4 million have brain injuries from strokes, and another 500,000 have cerebral palsy (brain injury due to oxygen deprivation, usually around the time of birth).

Brain injuries can be catastrophic. The effects can vary widely depending upon the part of the brain that has been injured and the extent of the damage. Some of the major symptoms include:

  • memory loss;
  • intense headaches or migraines;
  • visual disturbances;
  • trouble speaking;
  • trouble with reasoning and making judgments;
  • lack of coordination;
  • irritability and personality changes;
  • attention deficits;
  • difficult with common movements and activities; and
  • weakness in arms and legs.

Some brain injury victims may never fully recover. Victims may have permanent problems with their movement, senses, emotions or cognitive abilities, or even changes in personality.  Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 1 million Americans sustain some kind of traumatic brain injury, with over 200,000 requiring hospitalization and 50,000 more dying.

Brain injuries can occur from medical mistakes, stroke, birth injuries, motor vehicle crashes, falling and hitting your head, pedestrian and bike crashes, and sports.

For those victims and their loved ones, a brain injury changes everything about their lives. Victims who lose important physical or mental abilities may need to abandon or radically change future plans; give up some part of their independence; or become isolated. In addition to being devastating, brain injuries can be very expensive due to ongoing therapy or even round-the-clock care.

If you face this burden because of someone else’s careless or illegal behavior, you may need a brain injury attorney as you have the right to hold that person responsible.

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