Workplace Injury Lawyers

More people are hurt on the job than almost any place else.  On the job, injuries can range from minor to catastrophic, including death. Although Arizona generally prohibits employees from suing employers in negligence cases, there are exceptions and often the negligent party is not your employer or fellow employee, even if you think they are.  Therefore, you are entitled to bring negligence claims against these bad actors just like anyone else who injures you or a loved one.

At Gage Mathers, we have represented workers hurt on the job, due to others’ negligence, for decades.  These cases are often difficult for inexperienced lawyers and injured workers who wait too long to protect their legal rights.  Do not trust your case to an inexperienced lawyer, or lose your valuable legal rights by waiting too long.  Consult the experienced workplace injury lawyers a Gage Mathers now.

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