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26 Oct

Wrongful Death Study: agricultural vehicle crashes have alarming fatality rate

Wrongful Death Claims Are High With Agricultural Vehicles Drivers who live in Phoenix, Arizona, are probably less familiar with how driving can be in rural areas. With only 19 out of 100 Americans living in rural areas,...

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26 Oct

Highway work zone crash 29 times likelier with distracted driving

Distracted Driving Makes Highway Work Zone Crashes 29 Times More Likely Distractions are all too common when driving, but according to one study, they increase the risk of a crash or near-crash in highway work zones by ...

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26 Oct

The risks of driving too slow

Driving Too Slow Can Be Just As Dangerous As Aggressive Driving Drivers in Arizona are not to travel so far below the speed limit as to impede the normal flow of traffic. Slow driving is a safety risk, but it should be ...

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25 Jan

Ensuring Road Safety: The Crucial Importance of Brake Safety and Inspections for Truck Drivers

Brake Safety and Inspections for Truck Drivers The highways are the lifeblood of commerce, with countless trucks traversing vast distances to deliver goods and keep economies running smoothly. In this intricate dance of...

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17 Jan

What are the 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix, AZ?

10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix, AZ The ten most dangerous intersections in the Phoenix-Metro area are mostly in Phoenix proper. Using crash data collected between 2017 and 2022, the Maricopa Association of G...

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16 Jan

How truckers can avert fatigue on the road

Truck drivers in Arizona have to deal with long, stressful shifts and a lifestyle punctuated by lack of sleep and exercise. However, they should not be resigned to this because it all leads to drowsiness on the road, whi...

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10 Jan

Coffee Consumption Dangerous for Truckers?

Coffee May Start Your Day, But Increased Coffee Consumption Can Be Dangerous For Truck Drivers The more coffee truck drivers drink each day, the more likely they are to be in a crash. At least, this is the conclusion th...

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11 Aug

Dog Bite Facial Injury

Dog attacks can be terrifying experiences, leaving victims with lasting physical and psychological scars. While some incidents result in minor injuries, others inflict severe dog bites, particularly targeting the face, w...

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15 Nov

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim? It Might Not Be as Long as You Think. After you are injured, you cannot wait to take action.  A timer starts ticking as soon as you are injured. This deadline is call...

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21 Oct

Muscle Injuries Heal Better with Massage Therapy

Muscle Injuries Should Not Be Ignored Injured Muscle Recovery Study Scientists at the Wyss Institute and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences recently published findings that special mas...

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1 Sep

Does a Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Accident Claim?

A car accident insurance claim may be challenging in the best circumstances, but what if you have a pre-existing condition? A pre-existing condition presents a challenge when you’ve been in a car accident. Sometimes t...

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27 Aug

What is all the fuss about “Inflammation?”

6 minute read What is inflammation? Most people have heard about “inflammation” in the context of food allergies, exercise pain, or arthritis, but few people understand what it means.  After all, we are bombarded ...

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11 Jun

Woman “Dropped” After Surgery Dies. Error or Medical Malpractice?

Medical Error or Medical Malpractice? On May 28, 2021, Newsweek published a sad story about Jeannette Shields, who needlessly died in a hospital after being dropped. Jeannette was seventy years old. She was a wife, moth...

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19 Mar

Insurance Companies Are Not On Your Side

This story is a great illustration of how insurance companies are NOT here for you.  They are not looking out for your best interests.  They will not do right by you.  They are not like a good neighbor.  They do not ...

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22 Nov

Preventable Medical Errors Kill Americans At An Alarming Rate

There is an epidemic that is killing almost half-a-million Americas and injuring millions of others every year. This epidemic is as bad as the top two killers of Americans, cancer and heart disease (each claiming over 5...

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