Car Accident Claims Lawyer

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Car Accident Claim?

You do not need a car accident lawyer to help with simple car accident claims or claims where you did not suffer physical injuries. Also, if you can settle your claim and you think you will be happy with the results, then you might not need a lawyer. However, there are several reasons, even in simple car accidents, why you should hire a personal injury attorney.

1. Will the other driver or insurance company challenge who caused the crash or if your injuries were caused by the crash?

Fault, even in rear-end crashes, can be tricky. You have the burden of proving who caused the car accident. If you cannot prove that the other driver caused the accident, you will lose your claim. And you do not get a second chance. Also, if there is any chance the other driver will claim your injuries were caused by something else, they will. Then you bear the burden of proving causation. There are a lot of ways to lose a claim, so you should seriously consider hiring a car accident lawyer to help.

2. How seriously were your injuries?

If you suffered a broken bone, concussion, traumatic brain injury, or spinal injury, even if the effects lasted only a short time, a car accident lawyer can help you obtain fair compensation for what you endured. However, if you have preexisting conditions, those could complicate an insurance company’s valuation of your claim.

If your injuries were more serious, long lasting, or permanent then you want a car accident lawyer who can advocate for you and optimize your financial recovery. An experienced, elite personal injury attorney can ensure that fair compensation includes money for future losses, future pain, future suffering, and potentially contingencies.

3. Do you have significant out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, or lost income?

Many people just want enough money to cover their out-of-pocket expenses. After all, most medical bills are covered by health insurance and lost wages are covered by PTO or vacation time. Not all injury victims are as fortunate. Many have significant outstanding medical bills or health care provider liens that require an experienced attorney to negotiate. An experienced attorney can negotiate favorable reductions or advise you on alternative courses of action. You are likely to walk away with more money in your pocket even with having to pay a car accident attorney.

4. Are you going to court?

If your case does not settle within the required time limits, you will have to file a lawsuit to further pursue your claim. While you can represent yourself, the odds of being successful are significantly higher with a lawyer. There are procedural hurdles and legal nuances that must be overcome, and rules that must be followed. You want a lawyer familiar with legal requirements and the games insurance defense lawyers play.

5. Would you prefer to have someone else deal with insurance adjusters or defense lawyers so you can focus on getting better, getting on with your life, and taking care of your family?

We firmly believe that you should hire a car accident lawyer to worry about legal issues so that you can focus on you. Experienced car accident attorneys not only help protect your legal rights, but they also help you stay focused on the things that are important to you. They keep tabs on your injury-related treatment and recovery to ensure that you are getting better. Or, if you are not getting better, are able to find a provider who can help. They also encourage you to do what is best for you and your family, sometimes serving as a personal cheerleader. A personal injury firm should have employees who are both sympathetic and empathetic. Visit our About Us page to get to know the members of our firm and see why Gage Mathers is the best team to help you through this difficult time.