How can I demonstrate my pain and suffering after an accident? The Pain Journal

One of the most difficult concepts juries and insurance adjusters face is understanding someone else’s pain and suffering, especially months or years after an accident. We created an easy way for you to track your pain–The Pain Journal. Beyond taking photographs and gathering witness statements, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your claim is to document the pain you are experiencing in real-time.


Pain journal gage mathersWhat is a Pain Journal?

Your Pain Journal is a weekly journal for everything relating to your injury. It tracks your level of pain, the limits to your mobility, medication and more.  Print out a few sheets at a time to keep your journal current, for as many weeks or months as you need. Provide these to your attorney to demonstrate the impact of the injury on your day-to-day life.

After suffering an injury, your daily pain and discomfort will blur together as days turn into weeks and then months. Daily documentation of your pain makes a big difference when presenting your case to a jury or an adjuster.

Why use a Pain Journal?

This daily journal is useful both for you, your healthcare provider, and your personal injury lawyers. It can be used to help identify patterns of pain, such as time of day or level of stress, or pain triggers from certain activities. It can also show the extent of your pain and injuries – what tasks are difficult or even impossible since your injury. After months or years of being in pain, it is easy to forget just how much your life was impacted by an injury.

I’ve downloaded the Pain Journal… Now What?

Keep track of your ongoing pain, and act quickly to find legal representation. At Gage Mathers, our team of exceptionally versed Phoenix-based personal injury attorneys has spent decades helping people in pain. We would love the opportunity to hear your story and show you how we can help.