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13 Nov

Drowsy driving a leading cause of car accidents

Drowsy driving kills — but is preventable. Perhaps you were commuting in Southwest Arizona and got into an accident due to a negligent driver. You may have suffered a brain injury or another catastrophic injury as a...

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26 Oct

Injuries that occur during car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in Arizona and throughout the country can result in both human and financial losses. There are thousands of fatalities per year and many more serious injuries. It isn’t uncommon for vehicle acci...

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17 Feb

Back Injury from a Car Accident: Everything you need to know

People often feel sore in one or more body parts following a collision. The most common sore body parts are neck and back. In our industry, back pain after a car accident is expected. It often accompanies neck and shoul...

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15 Jan

Find The Best Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

As a Phoenix resident, you may have seen or heard of the devastating car accidents that occur on our roads every day. These accidents can cause serious injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. If you or a loved on...

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15 Sep

How can I handle chronic pain after a car accident?

What Can I Do About My Chronic Pain After a Car Accident? Personal injuries can arise from many sources, such as car accidents, falls or a work injury. One thing these injury victims usually share is pain. The location ...

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22 Jun

My Car Accident Was Caused By A Reckless Driver. Now What?

Reckless Driver Accident Claims You were in a car accident and you believe the other driver was reckless.  What does that mean and what can you do? Car accidents and the inevitable car accident injuries are way too ...

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29 Mar

Are you sufficiently insured for a car accident?

Everyone who owns a car needs car insurance that will cover them for property damage, medical bills, and potential liability. Car insurance is required by state law. It is also necessary to protect you from financial los...

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20 Feb

Why am I getting Muscle Spasms after a Car Accident?

Why am I getting Muscle Spasms after a Car Accident? The short answer is that physical trauma can cause your muscles to uncontrollably tighten or contract. After a car accident, overstretched and damaged neck or back mu...

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29 Nov

Car Accident Whiplash Injury Guide

Whiplash injury is extremely common in car accidents.  Most people have heard the term “whiplash” used in reference to injury from a car accident, but they may not know what it means.  This guide briefly explains w...

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28 Aug

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Car Accident Claim?

When do you need a lawyer for a car accident claim? You do not need a car accident lawyer to help with simple car accident claims or claims where you did not suffer physical injuries. Also, if you can settle your claim ...

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2 Jul

Technology is making cars safer, right? Wrong

Making Cars Safer.  Fantasy or Fact? The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports car accident fatalities went from 33,244 in 2019 to 42,060 in 2020—despite the Cov...

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22 Nov

What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

How to Protect Yourself in the Event of a Crash Most people wonder what they need to do if they are in a car accident. This post will help you if you are being proactive and want to learn how to protect yourself in the ...

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26 Oct

2019 car crash fatality numbers see only slight decline

Arizona drivers may be interested to know that the number of car crash fatalities in the U.S. has been declining but not by much. In 2019, for instance, an estimated 38,800 people died in motor vehicle crashes, which is ...

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26 Oct

Trucks may see 50% fewer rear-end truck accidents with AEB

Automatic Emergency Braking in Trucks Could Cut Rear-end Truck Accidents in Half New vehicle owners in Arizona are no doubt familiar with advanced driver assistance systems. They should know that both passenger vehicle ...

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26 Oct

Rollover accidents and their most frequent causes

The way an Arizona driver interacts with their vehicle, the road, and the environment can determine the risk they run for an accident. This is especially the case for rollover incidents. According to the National Highway...

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