Woman calling car accident lawyers after an auto accident

What You Should Do After A Car Accident

A car crash can happen at any time. Even when you are careful, other drivers unexpectedly break the rules of the road. When this happens, and you are a victim of their negligence, you can take important steps to protect your rights. You should also check car accident lawyers in Phoenix page to learn more about car accident attorneys.

If you have been in a crash or are being proactive, these bullet points are important:

  1. Call 911 to have police and EMS respond. Having police reports and EMS assessments will help prove your case.
  2. Take photos of all the vehicles involved in the crash, front and back. The damage to your car only tells part of the story.
  3. Take photos of the area where the crash occurred. This helps paint a picture of the events.
  4. Take photos of the people involved in the crash and any insurance documents they share. It might be necessary for identification purposes later.
  5. Take photos of your injuries: right after the crash and periodically to show the progression. A picture will better show a jury your injuries.
  6. Record any information you receive, either by photo, video, email, electronic note, or on paper.
  7. Try to identify potential witnesses and obtain their contact information.
  8. Go to urgent care or the hospital to make sure you are not seriously injured.
  9. Contact your car insurance company to begin the process of getting your car repaired and opening up claims for bodily injury.
  10. Contact a real trial lawyer to begin taking steps to protect your rights and obtain the money you deserve.
  11. Follow up with your primary doctor, a physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical specialists to ensure you get the medical attention you need.
  12. Try to see health care providers who accept your health insurance and make sure they bill your health insurance. Many providers use state law to try and extract more money from you than they are entitled to receive through your health insurance.
  13. You should consider obtaining medical payment coverage or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to protect yourself from inadequately insured drivers.

It is important to note that many car crashes are minor and do not cause injuries; however, even minor impacts can cause injuries, especially if you have a pre-existing condition or unusual susceptibility to injury. Also, your heart will be pounding and adrenaline rushing, so you might not feel the injuries until hours or days after the crash.

Also, don’t sign anything. Sometimes insurance companies try to trick drivers into signing documents that release them and their negligence drivers from liability. Before signing anything, contact Gage Mathers.