Traffic Accident Lawsuit

Traffic deaths in 2019 see 2% decline, says NSC report

The National Safety Council has some preliminary estimates out on traffic fatalities in 2019, and the results, while positive, are still not that reassuring. Arizona drivers should know that 2019 saw an estimated 38,800 people lose their lives in traffic crashes. Some 4.4 million people had to go to the hospital that year because of crash-related injuries.

A 2% decline from the previous year

Both the number of fatalities and hospital patients represent a 2% decrease compared to 2018. The number of fatalities was 4% less than in 2017 when 40,231 people died. The decline varied from state to state with Vermont (31%) and New Hampshire (30%) seeing the most improvement. Unfortunately, some states saw an increase in traffic deaths, most notably Maine (35%) and Wyoming (32%).

Reasons for the slight decrease

The NSC did not touch upon causation, but several factors could be raised. First, more new vehicles are coming with advanced driver-assistance systems, which encompass features like collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Another factor is that more large cities are redesigning high-risk areas and implementing other measures to crack down on negligent driving. For example, Utah lowered its legal BAC limit to 0.05.

Individual drivers must, of course, do their part by staying safe. This means avoiding distracted, drunk, drugged, and drowsy driving; learning about a vehicle’s safety systems; and keeping up on recalls.

For the victims of a car accident

Victims of motor vehicle accidents have the ability to file a claim for their monetary and non-monetary losses, such as hospital bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. If you’re wondering about your options, a lawyer may help clear things up with a case evaluation. The lawyer may be able to help you file the claim and negotiate for a fair settlement, hopefully out of court.