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Drowsy driving a leading cause of car accidents

Drowsy driving kills — but is preventable.

Perhaps you were commuting in Southwest Arizona and got into an accident due to a negligent driver. You may have suffered a brain injury or another catastrophic injury as a result, in which case you will want to see how you can be reimbursed.

If the other driver was drowsy, then there are some things to keep in mind. Drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the country. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that there are some 328,000 drowsy driving crashes every year, 109,000 of which end in injury and 6,400 in death. In this Arizona car crash, the lives of three teenagers were taken by suspected drowsy driving in a single car crash on U.S. 70. 

Drowsy Driving

The effect of drowsiness on drivers

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that all adults sleep at least seven hours a day. Otherwise, drivers will find it harder to pay attention to the road and react to dangers. It can get to the point where they are driving as though they are drunk. Being awake for 20 straight hours is like having a blood alcohol concentration of .08, which is the legal limit in this state.

Severe sleep deprivation can lead to brief (four or five seconds) periods of inattention called microsleep. At highway speed, drivers experiencing microsleeps can travel the length of a whole football field while being virtually blind to the road.

Possible interventions for drowsy driving

An estimated 50% or more of drowsy drivers who cause a crash are under the age of 25. College students, in particular, are liable to drive drowsily as many of them get less than six hours of sleep a night. Universities and parents should provide education to prevent negligent behavior. The use of crash avoidance technology, such as lane departure warnings and drowsiness alerts, can help as well, experts believe.

Legal assistance for your accident claim

You’re doing your best to recover physically and emotionally, and you’re wondering how to go about filing a personal injury claim. In that case, you may want a lawyer by your side who works regularly with the victims of motor vehicle accidents. An attorney may accurately determine how much you’re eligible for in monetary and non-monetary damages.