Worker Accidents on the rise trucking

Commercial transportation accidents have reached record highs. With the rise of the popularity of doorstep delivery services as well as regular logistics, it is not surprising that commercial transportation accidents have reached record highs. A recent study showed that in 2019 out of more than 5,300 work-related deaths, commercial drivers accounted for 1,480 of those deaths. Commercial transportation also topped the list of fatal work injury events at 2,122 incidents.

The aftermath of an incident with a commercial vehicle can be devastating, life-changing, and infinitely complex. We have guided thousands of victims of commercial transport or trucking accidents through the multiple layers involved in dealing with commercial policies. Due to the tendency of severity when it comes to this type of accident, it is crucial to hire an attorney who can bear the weight of communicating and negotiating with all the parties involved so that you and your family can focus on recovery and healing. If you or someone close has been the victim of commercial transportation or trucking accident and if you need truck accident lawyers, you can contact us, let Gage Mathers put decades of experience to your benefit.