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How truckers can avert fatigue on the road

Truck drivers in Arizona have to deal with long, stressful shifts and a lifestyle punctuated by lack of sleep and exercise that leads to drowsiness on the road, which puts everyone in danger.

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Importance of brake safety and inspections for truck drivers

Since long-haul trucks are so large and heavy, a driver must ensure that their breaks are in good shape. This is especially true before they get on the road for another long trip.

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Be aware of distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous behaviors on the road. The problem has gotten worse with gadgets in the car along with mobile devices that compete for your attention as a driver.

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Red-light running deaths up by 28% since 2012

Drivers in Arizona and around the country are running red lights in greater numbers, and innocent road users are dying as a result. Red-light running fatalities have now reached their highest level in 10 years.

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Rollover accidents and their most frequent causes

90% of the vehicles involved in fatal rollovers were engaging in ordinary driving maneuvers like navigating a curve or going in a straight line. Driver behavior is crucial in rollovers.

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Crash tests not taking women’s safety into account

Current crash tests are woefully inadequate when it comes to measuring the effect of crashes on female drivers. Having crash avoidance technology is not enough…

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Traumatic brain injuries: an overview

TBIs are one of the most frequently reported injuries in the nation with someone sustaining a TBI every 23 seconds. TBIs are often incurred in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and sporting incidents.

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Rollover crashes, and how they are usually caused

Rollovers are typically violent, and the ways they arise can be complicated since they normally have to do with drivers’ interaction with their car, the road and the environment.

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Study: agricultural vehicle crashes have alarming fatality rate

The U.S. DOT says that over half of all fatal accidents occur on rural roads. Roadway crashes with agricultural vehicles like tractors are five times more likely to be fatal than…

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GHSA reports unusual rise in pedestrian deaths 2009-2019

The GHSA said that five states, which altogether comprise about 1/3 of the U.S. population, accounted for 47% of the deaths. One was Arizona; the others California…

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Older cars to blame for most defect-related crashes

Many car crashes in Arizona and across the U.S. are the result of defective vehicle equipment. These crashes may be caused by car owners who fail to maintain their vehicles…

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Highway work zone crash 29 times likelier with the distracted

Residents of Arizona should know that every 5.4 minutes in this country, there is a crash in a highway work zone. Distractions when driving increase the risk by 29 times.

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More coffee each day may mean more crashes for truckers

Drinking coffee is not negligent, but the possible effects, such as drowsy driving, can be. When drowsy truckers are to blame for accidents, their employer may face claims…

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The risks of driving too slow

Slow driving is a safety risk since other motorists will react to these slow drivers in risky ways. For example, tailgating and quickly passing on the right can lead to accidents.