About our firm & our lawyers

The Firm…

For over 5 decades, our law firm has fought for the rights of injury victims.  The seed for what would become Gage Mathers was planted in David Gage’s mind at an early age.  After his first taste of the courtroom and helping draft laws to protect Arizona’s drivers, David Gage was building the best personal injury law firm.

The foundation for the firm’s reputation would be the compassion we feel for our clients.  We care about our clients.  We want our clients to be happy and healthy.  That is not always possible.  For those clients whose injuries prevent them from being happy and healthy, we fight for the results they deserve.  The strongest part of our reputation is the fight and the results, which makes Gage Mathers one of the best personal injury law firms in Arizona and the Southwest.  We are committed to righting a wrong because we care.

The Lawyers…

Gage Mathers lawyers want one thing–to obtain justice for our clients.  In personal injury and wrongful death cases, that means getting our clients the most money that they deserve.  Our lawyers have extensive experience in identifying a client’s strongest claims and determining how to maximize the outcome.  Other law firms may advertise their firm’s success, and while Gage Mathers does that too, we can be proud of something they cannot–our lawyers each have a reputation for excellence because they get real results.  In fact, even after tort reform, our lawyers have obtained some of Arizona’s largest jury verdicts.  We are feared and respected by our adversaries.

Our Clients…

We are very proud that our clients come from all walks of life.  They range from the homeless to wealthy professionals.  They include church leaders and members of the LGBT community.  No two clients are alike and no two cases are the same.  The similarities they share, however, is that they experienced a life-altering event caused by someone else, and they decided to hire a firm known for its results.

One of the biggest compliments our clients give us comes in the form of referrals.  A large number of our clients were prior clients or referred from prior clients.  David Gage would be proud to know that the firm he started exceeds client expectations and has become their law firm forever.

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