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You Should Not Have To Pay For The Negligence Of Property Caretakers

Property owners and caretakers have a responsibility to maintain safe environments. While accidents can happen for an array of reasons, they can also be avoided with proper precautions and routine property maintenance. Someone should answer for the negligence and carelessness at the source of premises-related injuries.

If you have suffered a serious injury on another’s property and are looking to file a claim, know that an attorney can provide your best chance at recovering maximum compensation. At Gage Mathers, our personal injury attorneys have provided legal services for catastrophically injured clients since the 1960s. We know what it takes to ensure you obtain your deserved damage recovery.

Our Extensive Experience – Your Benefit

We have a very high success rate representing those injured on various types of properties, including construction sites and amusement parks. Our lawyers also provide legal services to those injured in severe slip-and-fall accidents. A slip and fall may be the result of a slippery surface on a commercial property or inadequate lighting.

The status of the injured at the time of the accident will factor into the ruling. For example, an individual who is trespassing (or performing otherwise illegal activities) and becomes injured might not recover damages. Proof is the biggest factor, however. In cases where evidence is complex, proving fault may seem like a difficult feat to accomplish. We are well-versed in these matters and know how to approach them.

Reach Out For A Consultation – Even If You Are Unsure

It is in your best interest to reach out to an attorney, even if you do not know whether your claim will be legitimate. A premises liability settlement can make a big difference in your life and compensate for your suffering. Our team does not charge fees unless you collect. Contact us for a consultation by calling (602)-258-0646 or contacting us online.