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Proven Attorneys Standing Up For You After A Dog Bite Injury

Dog bites and other animal attacks can have devastating consequences on victims and their families. It does not matter if the dog was abused, mistreated or a cherished family member. The injuries are serious and you need an experienced dog bite lawyer to fight for you.

Time is of the essence because Arizona law provides an advantage for those who pursue a dog bite claim within a year of the attack. Gage Mathers has provided personal injury representation since the 1960s. We know how to pursue the compensation you deserve for your animal bite.

The Sooner You Act, The Better

If an injury claim is filed within the first year of the animal attack, Arizona provides “strict liability” for dog owners when their dogs bite someone who is rightfully on public or private property. This means the dog’s owners must pay for your injuries and damages. You do not have to prove the dog owner was negligent or that they know the dog was dangerous.

This strict liability rule only applies within the first year of the attack/bite. Between one and two years, regular negligence and its defenses apply.

After seeking medical attention to prevent serious injuries and infections, contact an experienced attorney. Also, reach out to Animal Control so they may investigate the health and aggressiveness of the dog.

Do Not Fight This Injury Alone – We Can Help

Dog bite cases can be easily mishandled by an inexperienced lawyer. At Gage Mathers, we have handled dog bite cases for decades and know all the common mistakes to avoid. Call our dog bite lawyers now at (602)-258-0646 or use our online contact form.